Which Playstation 4 Bundle is The Best Value? Poll Time!


The Playstation 4 is due very soon add if you are like me then you put in your preorder nice and quick. Well now there are options. A selection of bundles are now on offer to hopeful gamers and its time to decide which one is the best value. The options below are taken from Amazon who are offering these bundle upgrades to Playstation 4 Preorders. Are you going to upgrade? Are you looking for a bundle to get when you purchase your Playstation? Which one has the most for you? Let us know below and don’t forget you can leave a comment to explain why if you so wish.

Lets see what you all think.

If you haven’t decided if you are getting the playstation 4 then why not check out our PS4 impressions article from Darren McCarthy right here


6 responses to “Which Playstation 4 Bundle is The Best Value? Poll Time!

  1. I’d have go with Killzone, extra pad & camera. As I’d get bored of waiting for my pad to charge. Camera for having a mess about with. Hoping it comes with EyeCreate style software but haven’t heard anything yet.

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