Revisiting Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens CM banner

One of last years most hotly anticipated titles due for release was Gearbox’s zeno FPS title: Aliens Colonial Marines. With so many fans eagerly waiting for this to be released and with a strong developer behind the title, it was sure to be a huge hit. Then the issues started to pop up. Set backs, delays, more setbacks and dodgy footage made people question the strength of the upcoming game. Showings at E3 and Eurogamer did little to sway the doubts.

Then the game launched, oh dear. the reviews were not good. Well we at JoypadAndMe played the game at launch and were very disappointed. Glitches and bugs were not what we wanted to see. Well we decided that it was time to go back and find out if time has helped the game to get somewhere close to what we wanted it to be in the beginning.

Dazeel slings his pulse rifle on his shoulder, shouts some butch war cry and kicks the door in as he enters the dangerous, dark and desperate world of reviewing Aliens Colonial Marines. Stay Frosty everyone!

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Aliens: Colonial Marines


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