Podcast Episode 26. JamChunk: Pick N Mix Gaming

JamChunk Episode 12: Pick N Mix Gaming

It’s podcasting time. The team at JoypadAndMe are back again for another episode. This time round its a JamChunk episode where the team discuss what they would and wouldn’t put into their own games if they could make their own.  Just what would Jedi Junkie, NMreign and VDJomb create if they had the ability to make whatever their corrupted little minds wanted to?

Music is provided by REVA so please check them out on iTunes.

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by searching for JoypadAndMe or you can listen right here, right now on the site.

JoypadAndMe Podcast Episode 26 – JamChunk EP 12: Pick N Mix Gaming

Have fun and please leave us any feedback.


Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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