Extra Life GT5 Charity Challenge

Gran Turismo 5 Charity Challenge

A special event is planned during this year’s charity gaming event. 3 Teams of 3 drivers each will battle it out in a 3 hour endurance race to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network charity event: EXTRA LIFE.


Event Details

Every competitor will put in an entrance fee of $20 (£13) and compete in their teams for the overall victory. The winning team will receive the total entrance fee prize for their Extra Life fund raising total.

The 3 teams competing each belong to websites and podcasts with drivers from different countries.

Team 1 = http://www.JoypadAndMe.com

Team drivers are: Jedi Junkie, Darth Nutclench, Wellbeingosteo

Team 2 = http://www.PSNation.org

Team drivers are: Torgo, Phillip J Fry, Packetmickey

Team 3 = http://www.BigRedBarrel.com

Team drivers are: Pacman Polarbear, NMReign, 3rd driver unannounced

The community have the chance to affect this event and make the lives of their favourite website easier or harder as they so wish.

With every donation given you can specify a vote in the comments section (1 vote per person) for either:

The Easy way = Damage off, No penalty for cutting corners, No weather changes

The Hard Way = Full damage on, Penalty for cutting corners, Full weather changing effects during the event.

With each donation, the community member can specify a particular member of a websites team. The team member with the highest number of votes will be awarded a 50 performance points bonus to use when choosing their intended car.

All votes for both track settings and driver bonus need to be in by 19/10/12 so that they can be counted and verified before the event.

To donate to JoypadAndMe Extralife fund click on this link.

The event will be held on the Circuit de la Sarthe (2009 version) and will have normal tyre wear as well as refuelling in each variation of the final event. Each driver is allowed to choose any production car with a performance points limit of 550. No track cars, no race cars, no prototype cars will be allowed.

At the end of the race, every driver’s fastest lap will be noted. The driver with the slowest of these laps will have to make a further $5 (£3) donation to the winning teams fund-raising efforts as a penalty forfeit.

This event has been designed to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network and for the entrants to have some friendly competition. Please support this very important cause that makes a real difference to Children’s lives.

Help these 3 websites make a difference during Extra Life

Play Games, Save Kids.


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